Conditions Apply…

I was talking to my sister and she was trying to convince me on certain issues. It is anyways very difficult to convince your sister on any matter. Luckily it was a telephonic conversation and hence I was able to get out of it. All convincing and pestering me was and is love and affection for me. But at that point, I realized that life is not easy anymore. Conditions apply!

I had an amazing childhood, conclusion derived from the photos that my parents clicked. School days were simply awesome. I always loved going to school as I never believed in studying. My sole aim of studying was to get promoted to the next level. Not that I could not get good marks, but I never thought it was important. I am street smart rather than a book smart. Life was good and then college days were equally fun. Made a lot of good friends in college and school. That time when you experience all fun and thrill and excitement, those are the golden days of life.

Life was unconditional back then…

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