Entrepreneurial Journey

Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.

– Theodore Roosevelt


It all started with a simple sabbatical in 2012. After over 14 years as a photographer, suddenly something started to feel amiss. Living a life of art, but finding myself being swerved elsewhere, I decided that a break is what I needed.

Re-evaluating my life as well as work during this sabbatical, I thought to myself “Once again, why not follow my heart?” And so, I did. Always wanting to have been a part of innovation and products, wanting to have my own ‘business’, I began work on my latest project. SuperApp, an expression of my belief in the holy matrimony of art and software. With SuperApp, I entered the arena of Project and Business Management. A photographer turned businessman, in the field of technology!

SuperApp proved it was indeed difficult to balance being a photographer and spearheading such a project. I terminated work as a photographer and allowed my commitment towards SuperApp to completely consume me. For years, I had no personal or social life. I believe creativity is not limited to fields like photography, instead, I channeled my creativity into ideating a project management software. With about the right blend of obsession, insanity, passion and genuine dedication, SuperApp was developed. Eventually, in June of 2016, we were able to form the Pvt. Ltd. Company.

My vision for SuperApp is to make this a staple in the project and business management fields. We’re striving towards a brighter future and working towards making Superapp Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. one of the biggest application companies in the world.

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Superapp PRO – www.superapp.in

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Company Website – www.ssspl.biz

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